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Warren G Grilling“It all started with my father Warren Griffin, Jr. who was many great things, chief among them - a boxer, black belt and chef in the United States Navy. As a kid, all my pops used to do was cook, create recipes and play good music.

He would tell my sisters, brothers and I, all about the stories of his many journeys. Even though it was fun to hear him talk about those things, it was also very interesting to me. One of the things that stood out the most to me was when he would talk BBQ. The flavor of the smoke on the meat and just the good feeling of having family around caught me up and rang a bell in my head.

As I got older, all I wanted to do was be like my dad on the smoker and grill because it reminded me of his morals and good family fun; and so, a pit master was born into a lifestyle of fun, family and celebration.”  - Warren G

Sauces & Rubs

Founded by “Hip Hop’s Pitmaster” Warren G, Sniffin Griffin’s BBQ Sauce and Seasoning Rub range are perfect for meat and seafood lovers as well as vegetarians. 

Bringing his creations to cook outs and events across the USA, Warren and the Sniffin Griffin’s BBQ team take pride in working within communities and encouraging the power of food, family, friendship and community care.

When it comes to barbeque, it’s got to start with the perfect rub. Handcrafted by the Regulator himself here in the USA, our rubs will give your barbeque and unmatched flavor. The rubs are grill ready and gluten free. Choose from two great flavor combinations, Original Poultry & Seafood BBQ Rub (22oz) and All Purpose Bite Through BBQ Rub (24oz)

With three unmistakable flavor combinations, our 355ml sauces are also gluten free, grill ready and made in the USA. Choose from Keepin’ It Original, Smokin’ Me Out and We Bring Heat.

Special combinations of our sauces and rubs are also available and each combo pack includes everything you need to start cooking. Choose from the Sauce Lover’s Trio Pack with all three of our signature sauces, the Season’d Up! Rub Duo with both of our tasty rubs, or the Ultimate Pit Master’s XL Pack, containing all three sauces and both rubs.

Grab your sauces and rubs in our online shop and join the conversation! Don’t just take our word for it - follow Sniffin Griffin’s BBQ on the social media links below to see what BBQ lovers are already saying about our sauces and rubs! Mount Up!